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We like to go beyond the obvious to bring our clients new, different ways of thinking. We also practice what we preach when it comes to development. So we invest heavily in keeping ourselves at our ‘learning edge’, gathering ideas and experiences from a variety of interesting places and sharing our thinking with others – including you…
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What I learned about culture change from playing Solitaire

In this fast-paced world with all its distractions, it pays to take our learnings where we can
One of Richard’s disciplines when travelling is to take a few moments to play Solitaire (otherwise known as Patience) on his phone. It helps him notice his patterns, impatiences and frustrations and …
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A step-change for resilience

Are we really making meaningful progress when it comes to building resilience?
‘Resilience’ has been a buzz word for quite some time now and a fair amount of time, money and effort has gone into developing people’s ability to deal with increasingly challenging working envi …
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What’s missing from Deloitte’s 3 ‘types’ of CIO?

Our thoughts in response to an article citing Deloitte’s research with tech leaders worldwide
Deloitte’s research suggested there are three ways of operating as a CIO. We reckon Deloitte is bang on, but ask a) whether this is just another tech fad; b) if it’s not a fad, how does it help us …
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5 ways to stop leadership development doing more harm than good

Practical ideas that tackle the pitfalls of some types of leadership training
An attention-grabbing headline suggested that many leadership trainers are actually hurting their clients, rather than helping them. The article gave five reasons why this was so, but lacked any tangi …
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The fine art of successful vacations

How to switch off on holiday
The Financial Times asked our advice on shutting down and making the most of time off work. They didn’t have a lot of space, so we expanded on that article in our blog. …
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Late for a meeting or deadline?

A sideways look at the serious issue of excuses for being late
“Combine these 3 top tips to turn annoyance into admiration when you arrive late!” Richard’s tips are psychologically sound, but he believes we can all do better and seeks the benefit of your ex …
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Brexit or Nexit? Who can you trust?

A look at the in/out debate through the lens of trust
A blog post by Richard’s friend, neighbour and fellow coach Rosalind Turner got him thinking about the whole Brexit debate through the lens provided by the framework for trust he first shared in his …
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The ARC of moshing

Pondering the power of the pit
Richard discovers that the call for leaders to be Authentic, Responsible and Courageous is echoed in yet another diverse environment – the mosh pit at a concert by the funk-metal outfit, Faith No Mo …
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