Team Coaching

The best teams invest in getting better. We’re there to make that investment count.

Helping leadership teams thrive, succeed and evolve

We’ve worked with teams in various sectors, all over the world, each with its own dynamics, objectives and aspirations. Together, we’ve created:

  • A shift from silo-thinking to a joined-up organisation (e.g. at Heineken)
  • Greater trust and commitment to the “shared endeavour” (e.g. at the Department of Health)
  • A climate of healthy challenge where conflict is seen as productive not destructive or divisive (e.g. at Southampton Football Club)
  • Greater clarity of roles and accountabilities, within and between teams (e.g. between Sabio’s board, shareholders and Managing Director)
  • A more resilient organisation, during a downturn / geopolitical crisis (e.g. a mining company)
  • A clearer identity and more compelling sense of purpose for the team and the people it leads (e.g. a professional services firm)
  • A more innovative approach to policy-making (at the Foreign Office)
  • Enhanced stakeholder management (e.g. at Rolls-Royce and Nickelodeon)
  • Teams who are stronger, tighter, sharper and more emotionally intelligent, which makes them better leaders
  • And so much more…

How do we do it?

Every team is different, so our work is never the same. There’s a method, though, rooted in years of experience and a wealth of research – a method we’ve shared in various books and podcasts to help push the boundaries of our profession.

At the broadest level, we usually start by working with you to engage the team, and ideally its stakeholders. That engagement enables us to help the team do an honest assessment of where it’s at, then align on the best way forward. That’s often easier said than done, of course. Hence, clients appreciate the trust we build and the warm, challenging style we bring to surface what needs discussing and help keep the team on track.  

Once we’re aligned, it’s all about making progress, which is where so many team events fail. We’re not into one-off away days that are ripe with empty promises that quickly fizzle to nothing. We stick around, supporting the team when it stumbles, nudging and coaching where necessary. After all, you wouldn’t engage a coach or personal trainer for a single session, then expect a significant, sustained transformation. So, why pretend that a single session is all it’ll take when there’s more than one of you?

With the support of LeaderSpace we truly created a new dynamic to the team that resulted in a structural change. It’s a dynamic with more trust, more transparency and, most important, the willingness to get out of the comfort zone – the area where improvements take place.
Geert Swaanenburg, Sales Director, Heineken Romania
The tailored approach blended an informal, personal style with great credibility and clear objective thinking. It was exactly what we needed and helped us appreciate the value that the right external input could bring to us as a team and to our wider business. The work left us with far greater understanding of the potential we had within the team and the responsibility we had individually and collectively to unlock that potential through our behaviours.
Sebastian Henkes, Managing Director, Sabio
I have to admit to being a little sceptical beforehand, but the execution and adaption during the process was especially effective. The end result speaks for itself in my mind. We could not have achieved more in the time we had. Congratulations on a job well done.
Paul Began, Technical Director, Sabio
Having spoken to a number of facilitators, we chose to go with the team coach from LeaderSpace as he impressed us with his enthusiasm and pre-preparation – and he listened to us very clearly beforehand to ascertain what our organisation wanted. He also very cleverly and carefully managed a range of personalities, to ensure we got the very best out of everyone present – Trustees and the Senior Management Team. It was a pleasure working with him … he did a great job for us.
Harriet Nimmo, CEO, Wildscreen