Podcast: a Game of Teams, featuring our Systems Wheel


Podcast: a Game of Teams, featuring our Systems Wheel

A tool for understanding and working with complex systems

Host Tara Nolan invited Richard to share our Systems Wheel approach, featured in Routledge’s Practitioner’s Handbook of Team Coaching. The wheel is designed to help coaches and savvy leaders better understand the complex systems in which they’re operating. It draws our attention to a whole host of important dynamics in and around our teams, including:

  • Factors affecting trust, responsibility and accountability
  • The ways existing habits, needs and mind-sets enable and inhibit team and their stakeholders
  • The connections between authenticity, courage, direction and commitment
  • The ways a team’s past and future shape what’s happening here and now

It’s also a source of inspiration when deciding how best to make positive changes to those complex systems.

You’ll find your listening experience enhanced by having a visual of the wheel to hand. You’ll find a copy of it in the show notes, by clicking the link below.

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